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    1. Product

      Security equipment

      QL-90 lipstick mini all-alloy body defender girls electric stick


      Applicable industries:

      Any occasion

      Detailed parameters

      Technical Parameters: 

      1. Electric shock voltage: 200 million volts

      2. Size: 12 cm * 2.6 cm


      1. electric shock LED lighting

      2. Lipstick style, exquisite beauty, easy to carry, especially for women self-defense self-defense only

      3. Design novel and beautiful and practical


      The electric baton sold by this site belongs only to emergency situations for self-defense, in the event of an emergency situation for their own time, from the scene. Electric shock to shock the human body limbs is appropriate, high-end products, the shock time is generally not more than 2-5 seconds, the general product shock does not exceed 10 seconds, criminals lose attack and resistance, do not shock, so as to avoid accidents. Do not touch the human body head, heart and other vital organs; do not touch the heart disease or with heart beater. It is strictly forbidden to use for the elderly, children, women and infirm. Electric batons are self-defense equipment, not illegal products, the key is to see how you use, such as chopper is knives or cut vegetables, the results are clear. Sale of all goods are strictly prohibited for illegal activities, or all the consequences by the purchaser at your own risk!

      Purchase Notes:

      This product is pictures of physical shooting, buy electric batons, please read the product description. For the important parameters of the product, such as product size, shock voltage, length, color, etc., when ordering the default customer has accepted the product parameters, after the purchase of the parameters may not be raised objection.

      Common knowledge:

      Electric shock products are mostly black, very few other colors of the product, if other colors of the product in the product information will be described, electric bar commonly used parameters, WV = 1 million volts. KV = 1 kV, the shock voltage can To reach 10 million volts or more, with the home is not the same thing, the home can be 220 volts electric dead, electric bar and then do not high voltage, mainly electric shock stick (electric baton) is powered by the battery, after a single Or after a number of high voltage after the formation of pressure, this high voltage current is very small, or can be ignored as 0, so people will not have any harm, most corona each other, please understand. Electric baton is a high voltage low current products, the current through the other body and then spread to their own here has been almost no, even if the other holding the other do not have to worry about their own.

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