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    1. Product

      Criminal investigation equipment

      Portable paper handprint speed camera system

      Description:The portable paper handprint speed display system is based on the sweat fingerprint infrared heat radiation effect developed specifically for the display of paper surface sweat fingerprints of the patented product.

      Applicable industries:

      Public security department, special police force

      Detailed parameters

      HW-PFII portable paper hand-print speed camera system

      product description:

      The portable paper handprint system is a patented product developed for sweat fingerprints based on sweat fingerprint infrared heat radiation effects. It is widely used in copy paper, newspapers, magazines, towels, rolls, toilet paper, filter paper , Cartons, cartons and other fiber surface sweat fingerprints of the lossless appearance and take pictures.

      The system is a portable system, mainly by the paper infrared heat radiation treatment instrument (the length of the face is larger than the A4 paper size 10mm), high-power laser flashlight (wavelength 445nm, laser tube power ≥ 4000mw), observe the special glasses, (350 × 220 × 80mm), portable, mention box type, very suitable for use when the scene survey.

      The system handles the sweat of the paper surface without the need for powder or chemical liquid appear, just a very short time for the infrared heat radiation, you can leave the paper on the fresh or old sweat handprint show down, and large Most of the sweat fingerprints by infrared heat treatment within a few months after the photographed fingerprints still have good results.

      Portable paper infrared thermal radiation processor has three buttons, one of which is the power switch, the other two keys for the temperature selection key. When the instrument rises to the selected temperature, the display next to the button will stop blinking and the warming process will take about 2-3 minutes.

      The operating temperature is typically 180 ° C. At this time, you can open the instrument, it may leave sweat fingerprints of the copy paper, newspapers, magazines, towels, roll paper, toilet paper, filter paper, etc. into the instrument on the lid for about 10 seconds, wear gloves to remove the paper , Wear eye protection glasses, with 445nm laser flashlight paper, you can observe the fingerprints. With 445nm laser flashlight paper, in the camera lens with a special filter can shoot sweat fingerprints, or can be fitted with automatic ring and then take pictures to enhance the effect. For paper boxes, cartons and other thick paper, processing time can be extended to 20-120 seconds or so. For the yellow carton sweat fingerprints, after the above treatment can be used 365nm UV flashlight direct exposure to observe the fingerprint.

      The system handles paper sweat fingerprints in the following advantages:

      1, fast: the instrument warm (room temperature to 180 ℃) to be 2-3 minutes, the infrared heat of the film about 10 seconds each time, thick paper about 2 minutes.

      2, both sides of the paper at the same time: that is, both sides of the paper at the same time infrared thermal radiation treatment.

      3, non-destructive: treated paper without color change phenomenon, no additional material, does not affect the traditional physical and chemical show.

      4, the system configuration of the laser flashlight, in addition to the use of infrared radiation treatment of paper sweat handprints appear, but also can be used for on-site search, showing fine spot, toilet, sweat, saliva, bones, indenone or indene Triketone, etc. appear sweat fingerprints and so on.

      technical background:

      Sweat in addition to water and chloride and other inorganic substances, there are amino acids and other organic substances, whether it is ridge line sweat fingerprints or sebum sweat handprint are so. Experiments by domestic and foreign experts have shown that with a specific temperature of a wavelength far infrared radiation appropriate time, 445nm laser irradiation, sweat in the amino acid will produce a wavelength greater than the laser wavelength of the strong fluorescence, wear to prevent the laser through the special filter Glasses (generally require the cut-off depth of the laser band in the OD2 above), you can observe the fingerprints, camera lens mounted on a special filter can shoot sweat fingerprints. For the yellow carton sweat fingerprints, after the above treatment due to fluorescent color and carton color similar to the interference of the fluorescent fingerprints can be observed, 365nm UV flashlight can be used directly to observe the fingerprint.

      Product parameters:

      1. Infrared thermal radiation processor

      Instrument size: 350 × 300 × 70mm

      Weight: about 5kg

      Working face size: 310 × 220mm.

      Working voltage: AC220V

      Power: 660W (instantaneous power> 5000W)

      Service life: normal use of 100000h

      2. Laser flashlight

      Size: Φ40 (handle position) × 310mm

      Wavelength: 445nm

      Laser tube power: ≥ 4000mw

      Spot shape: round uniform spot

      Working voltage: DC7.4V

      Laser tube life: normal use 8000h

      3. Watch the glasses

      430-470nm cut-off, cut-off depth OD2,510nm or more long wave pass.

      4. Shoot the dedicated filter

      430-470nm cut-off, cut-off depth OD2,510nm or more long wave pass.

      5. Auto focus ring

      Installed in the camera and the camera body, can maintain the camera's auto focus auto iris and other functions.

      Scope of application:

      Fiber surface sweat fingerprints.


      1. When using infrared heat radiation treatment device, should pay attention to anti-hot, before packing equipment should be reduced to room temperature, before loading lock lock.

      2. Laser flashlight can not be used for a long time, so as not to damage the laser tube. Please remove the battery after use, so as to avoid accidental damage to the torch or hurt the person.

      3. The instrument should be stored at room temperature and dry place.

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