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    1. Product

      Criminal investigation equipment

      Hand-held multi-function spot investigation lights


      Applicable industries:

      Detailed parameters

      Model: HWPD-II

      product description:

      1, general lighting: the output of uniform beam, is to search for evidence and take pictures of the ideal light source.

      2, color separation test and color separation camera: the light of the output of different colors of light traces of evidence, you can observe the contrast with the white light effect.

      3, excitation fluorescence: with fluorescent fingerprint powder brush potential fingerprints, and then the light output of the blue light handprints, direct observation can see the hand printed lines issued a strong fluorescence. Wear orange glasses to observe, the effect is better.

      4, with polarized light to show potential fingerprints or to strengthen the weak fingerprints

      5, the product has been through the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Technology Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the test, a test report.


      Product Features:

      1, can output a very uniform white light beam.

      2, adjust the focal length of the lens can be tangled real.

      3, in front of the light output to add different colors of the filter, the lamp can output red, orange, yellow, green, blue and other five colors of the beam.

      4, blue output light can stimulate the fluorescence of fluorescent powder.

      5, in front of the light output ф49mm additional polarizer, the lamp can output polarized light.

      6, in front of the camera lens additional ф55mm polarizer, the camera can selectively receive different vibration direction of the polarized light.

      7, can be paid, DC power supply.

      8, light body with tripod special interface, you can fix the lamp body position.

      9, battery and transformer output power can be adjusted according to the use of manual.

      10, can be electricity display.


      Product parameters:

      Light body voltage: DC 12V

      Lamp rated power: 100W

      Battery output voltage: DC 0-12V adjustable

      Lamp output power: 0-100W adjustable

      Battery charge: 7.5AH

      Light bulb color temperature: 3000K

      Transformer input voltage: AC 220V

      Lamp life: 500 hours

      Transformer output voltage: DC 0-12V adjustable

      Charging current: 1250mA

      Battery powered: 45 minutes

      Charging time: 7 hours

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