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    1. Product

      Criminal investigation equipment

      4G high-definition cloth control ball system

      Description:4G high-definition cloth control ball is a full-featured, easy to carry wireless video emergency command integrated products.

      Applicable industries:

      Public security, traffic police, fire, road administration, urban management, traffic

      Detailed parameters

      System Overview:

      4G high-definition card is a comprehensive, easy to carry wireless video emergency command integrated products, high equipment integration, built-in high-performance lithium battery pack, with waterproof shock and other characteristics, to meet the temporary installation and rapid installation of special requirements The When the task is carried out, the equipment can be temporarily placed in the need to monitor the location or directly adsorbed on the vehicle, the task can be easily removed at the end of the equipment for field law enforcement, reconnaissance control, security, emergency command, emergency repair, patrol line Management and other industries, such as public security, traffic police, fire, road, urban management, transportation, courts, prisons, forestry, electricity, water conservancy, environmental protection and other units.

      System Features:

      1080P HD video, H.264 / H265 video encoding, dual stream

      Support 4G full Netcom, remote real-time monitoring, the main streamer code stream flexible choice;

      Built-in WIFI, support hotspot mode;

      Support GPS / Beidou model, precise positioning;

      Support SD card local storage, maximum support 128G;

      360 ° omni-directional head, integrated design, the bottom with high-suction magnet, fast installation;

      Focus fast and accurate, digital wide dynamic, through the fog mode optional;

      Large capacity lithium battery-powered, working time> 8 hours;

      Equipped with intercom partner, to achieve wireless cluster intercom;

      Mobile monitoring center platform management software;

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