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    1. Product

      Criminal investigation equipment

      Purple infrared traces photography collection system


      Applicable industries:

      Detailed parameters

      Important technical equipment, model variety, please contact the top qq customer service.

      Technical indicators:

      1, imported DEP UV image intensifier (Netherlands three generations of semi-UV enhanced tube): input voltage: minimum 2.0V, maximum 3.4V; light cathode sensitivity: 30-50mA / W; screen brightness control level: 4.0-8.0cd / m2; Brightness gain: 5000-8500cd / m2 / lx; resolution: 56lp / mm; equivalent background brightness: 0.01ulx; cathode diameter:> 18.0mm; background flashing: 50; screen brightness consistency: OK; And the screen quality: OK; input current: 20.1mA.

      2, the UV lens: focal length: 105mm (or 78mm); aperture: F5.6-22 (78mm UV lens when F4.5-32); focusing range: 215mm-∞ (78mm UV lens 250mm-∞); Bandwidth: 190nm-2000nm; image quality requirements: (1) distortion: ≤ 1.5%; (2) MTF: full test field 45LP / mm ≥ 0.6; image size: 24 × 36mm; lens material: quartz glass (coating enhanced) ; UV transmittance ≥ 60%.

      3, imported UV filter: peak wavelength: 254nm, bandwidth: ≥ 25nm;

      4, imported UV lamp: 254nm6W, can be hand-held.

      5, Italy Manfrotto tripod: good stability, do not shake.

      6, moisture shockproof anti-pressure box.

      7, digital camera.

      Main configuration:

      1 DUV-200 VIEWER host (the Netherlands three generations of semi-UV enhanced tube), a military grade ten times observation eyepiece (included in the host), a military handle (included in the host), a 78mm or 105mm / f4. 5 UV lens (included in the host), a 254nm / 25nm bandwidth UV filter (included in the host), a 6w UV lamp, a UV lamp dedicated battery pack, a pair of UV protection glasses, an eyepiece (For camera), 1 Manfrotto tripod, 1 camera dedicated million arm, 1 pair of single foot support, a dedicated digital camera, a waterproof shockproof pressure box, the use of manual 1 The Subject to the influence of import factors, the Company reserves the right to change the appearance, configuration and price of the product. (Import assembly)

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