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    1. Product

      Criminal investigation equipment

      Police endoscope

      Description:SCVA-6100 series of police portable endoscope is the company for the police special industry tailored a new type of police detection equipment.

      Applicable industries:

      police Department

      Detailed parameters

      product description:

      SCVA-6100 series of police portable endoscopy is the company for the police special industry tailored to develop a new police investigation equipment, suitable for single police operations, one person can complete the investigation and detection work; for the unknown inside the room specific Personnel, the environment at a glance, to avoid dangerous access to cause unnecessary harm. , It is electronics, optics, precision machinery and other technologies combined with new products. It is small in size, easy to carry, easy to operate, can detect other equipment can not enter the narrow curved space, can be waterproof, anti-oil, and has a clear image, cost-effective advantages.

      Advanced police video endoscopic products are equipped with police, special police and related security departments around the world, widely used in reconnaissance, security, EOD, anti-smuggling, search and rescue and other related fields.

      Features and Benefits:

      ● user-friendly design: anti-skid handle, air-class video connector plug, pluggable hose, easy to quickly replace the product.

      ● One-hand operation: The lighting switch / camera / recording button can be controlled by one hand at the same time and the other hand can work at the same time.

      ● bending steering: the front of the lens is flexible, can be bent in the upper and lower directions, insert the tube axis 360 degrees rotation, can be arbitrary for the observation of the various details of the object.

      ● insertion tube: feel light, flexible bending, the user is not easy to feel tired during operation, easy to observe and improve the durability in harsh environments. Material IP67 Anti-leakage, waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear.

      ● High brightness LED, can be used in dark places, to provide adequate light source.

      ● Built-in lithium battery device, you can work without power.

      Technical Parameters:

      6mm diameter probe tube

      Working length: 1m

      Field of view: 90 degrees

      Image sensor: 1/12 inch VGA high-definition image penetrator;

      Focal length: 10mm-∞

      Four adjustable height LED white light

      Resolution 720 * 525 (NTSC), 720 * 625 (PAL);

      It can connect to 3.5 "SD card video recording handset;

      Built-in high-capacity 3.7V lithium polymer battery

      Button operation, quick camera / quick recording / playback view / USB data output;

      Can control the lens side, the next two directions,

      Manual control of the front line camera can adjust the direction of rotation;

      TV system: PAL or NTSC;

      Gain control: automatic

      Minimum illumination: 1 Lux / F1.2;

      Image compression mode: JPG (640x480), MPEG4 (720 x480);

      Signal to noise ratio: 48db;

      Waterproof: IP68;

      Operating temperature: -10 ℃ -60 ℃.

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