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    1. Product

      Single police equipment

      Quickly arrest the whole body band

      Description:Constraint blanket is a highly humanized new type of restraint equipment.

      Applicable industries:

      police Department

      Detailed parameters


      1. The head with a soft bag pillow can protect the restraint of the head from the impact of hard objects.

      2. Can be quickly adjusted according to the size of the body fat and thin

      3. Gentle texture, easy to fold, easy to carry police officers;

      4. Can do masking, blocking, etc., a blanket can be used to deal with a variety of complex environments of the incident;

      5. Police officers can be used as rest and bedding for a long time in field operations, which is conducive to improving the quality of police security.

      6. Rescue relief can be used as a soft stretcher, transfer the injured, save lives.

      7. The use of Velcro material with special treatment, with flame retardant, high temperature, soft texture, no stimulation and other characteristics, not only to achieve the basic adhesive fixed, but also to protect the skin, do not cause pollution to the environment.

      size and weight:

      Total length: 160cm; width: 185cm; in addition to head pillow long: 129cm, side burr width: 40cm;

      Headrest width: 64cm; strap length: 130cm, width: 5cm; weight: 3.7kg

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