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    1. Product

      Single police equipment

      Single - alarm large - capacity tear ejector


      Applicable industries:

      Single police special equipment

      Detailed parameters

      product description:

      Structure: insurance cover, gun-type handle, fixed cap, tank, cylindrical spring, composition;

      Tonic in the active ingredient: synthetic capsaicin (OC);

      Dye: orange

      Tear cell synthesis of capsaicin (OC) content: 2% 0.5%;

      Tear unit tank volume:> 550g;

      Size: tank diameter 66.0mm0.2mm, height greater than 260mm;

      Weight: not less than 600g (without packaging);

      Accessories: Car Holder, Oxford Portable Kit

      Appearance: the appearance of the product without deformation, the surface printed words, clear and complete pattern, accurate and accurate overprint. Product surface printing "badge" pattern and "police, POLICE, single police large capacity tear dispenser" words;

      Inflatable air pressure: (inflation pressure of 1.20.05Mpa);

      Compatibility: The injector has a good compatibility with the tear agent;

      Spray function: jet state is jet, wind speed below 2m / s wind jet, effective spray distance 6m, effective injection time 10s, jet speed 07.0g / s;

      Sealing performance: Healing 0.5mm deep water, no leakage,;

      Environmental adaptability: the product in the -30 ℃ +45 ℃ range does not disintegrate, do not leak, do not burst, can be normal jet.

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